Our Precision Technology

We feel that without precise individual data about your customer, your best bet is a guess.

When you can figure out what is in your customers wants, needs and desires, your marketing ad spend is more than effective at reaching the demographics you envisioned.

With our PINPOINT Technology it enables us to build, target, analyze and attribute performance to audiences at their precise location, wherever they may be.

PINPOINT Technology

finding your customers where they are


  • Online: Translate exact postal address into exact digital reach across millions of websites.
  • Offline: Translate online activity into one-to-one direct mail marketing for greater impact.
  • Web Form: Reclaim lost business by capturing contact information on anonymous site visitors and remarketing to bring them back.
  • Social: Target hashtags, keywords, and exact geographic location data on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.
  • Retail: Target shoppers online and offline using beacon-enabled engagement combined with transactional data.
  • Cross-channel: Target consumers with multi-touch campaigns that capture total household spend.
  • We Map Digital Touchpoints To Exact Physical Location

    Boost your business marketing performance and efficiency by connecting only with the customers you want to reach — anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our proprietary system links a single postal location with its related digital footprints.

  • Research. Data. Engage.

    This exact precise connection empowers you to consistently find, engage, and convert real customers everywhere they are. Like a massive vacuum cleaner, our patented system pulls key information from voluminous data sources, correlating valuable relationships to construct precise, cross-touchpoint consumer intelligence.

  • 1

    Accurately Identify Real-World Locations

    Because real-world postal location is our central consumer identifier, we can activate decades of offline household data in the digital world.

  • 2

    Know and Understand Verified Real People

    Every household is tied to rich offline consumer data, and every mobile device brings massive quantities of digital consumer data into the home.

  • 3

    Maintain Constant Real-Time Connection

    We connect valuable offline-to-online data to form a definite, continuous, one-to-one relationship with targeted consumers at specific households.

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