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BullRing Marketing realized back in 1996, that informational data was going to be the future. Not only informational data, but correct data. Touchpoints and footprints that lead to an individuals habits, wants and desires. This, to most companies in existence today, is gold.

One of our principals was a former employee at the original Backrub (now known as Google) and helped code and program the original algorithms that are used on todays servers that we call the world wide web. Understanding how valuable the algorithms were, as well as the data within them to produce viable, relevant information; He and 6 others left and formed their own companies after not being included in the funding and transfer of of Google to new management in 1999.

The mission became touchpoint and informational data marketing but our definition of that is very broad.

It’s helping the CEO or the management team decide, where to go next, what market segment, how do you focus? How do you modify the products and the services to meet the demands of the customer?

And then how do you get that message to them? This is the main component that everything balances on.

Our purpose is to connect the dots of your vision and help you navigate this gauntlet of the web to produce the results of your vision. With precise information about your demographics, we achieve this.

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