The Fundamentals of Our Process

Clear Vision. Implement. Engage.

We have found that business owners have a vision, they know what they need to do, or at least they know they need to get moving on something, but they need someone to actually help them do it. Not someone on their ad campaign or strategy deck, but someone on the management team.

Operate Inside. Grow Outside.

Having worked with numerous companies over the past 15 years, we have found that there's a major difference between growing a company and operating a company. Operating a company is looking inside the corporation and growing a company is looking outside of the organization.

Where BullRing Fits In.

We realize that many businesses understand that they need to grow but they don't have the resources inside that have the expertise. It doesn't always make sense for them to hire a full time executive level Vice President of Marketing. That's where BullRing Marketing comes in.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • We quadrupled our revenue just with our existing customer base when we hired BullRing to consult with us. The data is black and white so you are absolutely certain where your ad spend is going. We will continue doing business with BullRing Marketing indefinitely.
    Jessie C. Jessie C. The Los Angeles MLS
  • We never knew there was so much information just going on within the mobile industry. We have done 4 text campaigns and have been floored. The results...let me just tell you they are mind boggling. How we managed prior to finding BRM, who knows. Now, we have increased our sales 307% in 4 months and we honestly aren't looking back.
    Jacob R. Jacob R. The Giving Tree
  • We owe the launch and grand opening of our western division success to BullRing Marketing. We have used them on a monthly basis to corner the market. Competition isn't even a worry of ours. We've been able to open numerous locations months ahead of proposed plans.
    Candace S. Candace S. Dermalogica
  • We were logistically challenged when we turned to BullRing with our marketing problem. Through a thorough and guided analytical approach, which is what we required, we were able to get a birds eye view as well as 360 view of our process and handling of customer accounts. After 60 days we had increased new customer segment growth by nearly 30 percent. After 6 months we opened a new warehouse and had to hire 4 new drivers. A great example of what picking a competent company can do for you when they know how to approach your product. You can't go wrong with BullRing.
    Danny S. Danny S. EVS Metal
  • Wow, what can I say that would put all my thanks in one message. For one we were in major competition in the diet and fitness niche. One of the hardest niches to be found online. We struggled for years with blogging and articles, and guest that would post onto our blogs, fitness guru interviews...and nothing! We didn't see anything. We called Bullring from a referral and boy are we glad we did. We simply were doing it all wrong. We thought certain things we were doing were helping and really they were hurting us. We spent an arm and a leg on our paid search before we learned how the right way. We used Bullring for around 8 months and now we just get maintenance done. We are at the top with the best of them for our keywords and we only keep going up. We love it!
    Heather B. Heather B.
  • We brought Ferdinand in as a consultant for our surgical institute. We have a number of competitors that we didn't want to push out because we could still earn their business at our surgical center. We also needed to penetrate new markets within the breast augmentation arena and it was completely saturated. Ferdinand and his team came up with a more than effective plan. In all reality, it shocked every Doc on our board. Fulfillment became the problem after we brought them in. Wonderful, lifting and profitable experience.
    James C James C California Surgical Institute
  • I found Ferdinand at a speaking event he was doing for The MLS. I courted him for about 3 months. We got his 2 companies security clearance with the Military Marketing Program and within 9 months we were enrolling new members from all walks of life. We also implemented new enrollment programs in 6 different categories where we had missed the mark prior. Our recommendation of Ferdinand and his marketing team is of the highest caliber. They are wave makers without a doubt.
    Commander Anthony Commander Anthony U.S. Navy
  • We wanted to target more female demographics that were looking to enhance their image with our products. We had tried subscription boxes, sending samples and trade shows but none were giving us the results we knew were out there. We hired Bullring to come in and do a complete new marketing strategy with new website design, branding...the whole works. Our mouths dropped when their team came in with a new app and web promotion that allowed our users to take a picture of their nails and add whatever polish that we offered to their nails in real time to see what they looked like. They also did this with outfits, necklaces, and hats. Amazing would be an insult. This was sheer elegance. We launched into a new realm within the beauty industry. We've worked with them ever since.
    Shelly M. Shelly M. Lashem

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